Wednesday, September 16, 2009


suare operator celcom ensem! haha

Sunday, September 13, 2009

pathetic me.

im stuck in the middle of nowhere..
who o what would i choose??
you or them??

i cant juz change to suit others?!
or..should i??

arghhhh!! pathetic me.
gotta hate this forever n ever.

and..gotta hate this coz i gonna say:

maybe not now..
maybe i will stick with me..
no changes, yet..

kwan2~ maafkan ak yg srba kkuragn
i wasnt raise up to be like you..
whatsoever, time will teLL destination??
it's not up to my expectation..i felt nothing( siyes! hahaha)

ps: xpayah paham..penat otak je pk..

Monday, September 7, 2009

bulan pose ke??

ade keje..
folio SE x siap lg..
jap g siap r tuh..
xpelah abaikan..jap.

currently listening to come home by one republic..
mendayu2..sayu..sume ade..

bile ntah nak tgok final destination.
been very2 bz still xgerak2 gak keje..

geram ngan dri sendirik..sbb malas!!
ceptlah rajin!!
kan bulan pose nie..

PANG!! hah!
kan da kene penampo sulung~ (-_-"

zzzZZZzz..akhir nyer..