Friday, January 30, 2009

my VERY first experiment.......OREO CHEESE CAKE!!!! hahaha


isnt it looks so yummy???

well, it isnt dat hard to make dis cake and you'll be surprised how easy it is..
we just need a few basic things to make a cheese cake and of course, oreo.

*bukan gambar sebenar..

Monday, January 19, 2009

betul laa..

a couple of days ago, i read dis message from kak nad to kecik:

ade sorg laki nie...
dye minta pada Allah bunga dan rama2...
tp ntah kenape, Allah xbg dye dedua mende tuh..
despite, Allah gave him ulat and a torny cactus..
lelaki tu pon sedih sgt..
but, after a fortnight..
ulat btukar jdik rama2 yg cantek,
duri2 kat kaktus tu pon ade yg jdik bunga..
Allah xkan bg terus sume mende yg kita mintak..
but Allah will still give it maybe in many different ways dat sumtimes we dont even gonna realise it..
Allah might give us sumthing better than what we asked for..
jadi, sume yg blaku ade hikmah nye and whatever happened or will happen dont ever blame HIM..

Saturday, January 10, 2009



i hate making decision!!!

too many things have to be decided!!!

so, i wish to have a real rational brain to think and to decide!!!

IDUP 2009!!!!!