Thursday, September 29, 2011


first thing first.
im not a good artist. a very BAD one.
so, just by looking at the images wont do any good.
you must read! read! lol pakse2 plak kann.

once upon a time. we thought we were happy.
we huhahuha. we went to the mall. we watched movies at the cinemas.
together with our so-called bff n bf..
and the world feels like 'ak yg punye'! muahaha

but then, suddenly, it feels like all we did yesterday was useless.
feels like WT? regret! like you've just hit a wall. you feel dizzy. you're confused!
you pretty sure, it's a WAKE UP CALL!

but, you dont know who should you turn to..., turn to Allah.
find some good friends.
friends that you can really called friends.
that always remind you to Him.
whom brings you to 'light' and 'hope'..

jom! semoga kita bangun di syurga nanti berpimpinan tangan ~.~

kehidupan didunia ini ibarat taman permainan.

owh disini saya ingin merakam sejuta penghargaan kepada sume kawan2 saya,
yg telah byk membantu :)
im not me without you guys..

p/s: i have no idea what's wrong with this line. its not even linked to anything.

-im sorry. im sorry. im sorry... i can make you happy no more wuuuuuu

-hujann..pls wash away my past...sigh.

-adek, akak pinjam sweater adek pegi chatswood tau ekekeke

Monday, September 19, 2011

figure myself

i cant figure out why..

why did i feel this way,
such soft-hearted i am nowadays,
must be the tarbiyah that leads this feeling,
i am now so overwhelming.

tears come and tears go,
but the heart has never get a chance to rest,
missing You every now and then,
but shows no prove my love to You.

desperate to change,
finding no way,
looking for a heart-mechanic,
again, astray..

i need a stronger support,
hard-core tarbiyah,
wider ukhuwwah,
to set my heart at ease, at least temporarily.

this one is taken somewhere: "tidak aneh hamba yg mencintai tuannya, tp sungguh aneh tuan yg sgt mencintai hambanya" -amr Khalid

p/s: Ya Allah, pls grab and grip my heart.

- ak ade rasa yg berat. berat nie! xpaham. can You make me strong? i know You will :)
- just a couple of months left.

- #np make me strong

Sunday, September 11, 2011

a thing..


speechless. i was indeed very very speechless.
not really sure what and how to respond at that time.
though she might be saying that with giggle and wide smile on her face..
im pretty sure she meant every single word!
even if you not, i still want to take it seriously.. lol
yeahh this is one serious matter.
how could i not know someone i should know?
it's complicated -_-"
errrr. pls accept my apology,
my bad.
i heard quite a lot of confessions about myself lately,
indirectly and some are straight to my face! *toinnng*
maaflah kalau dulu terjumpa tapi xtersapa hhuuu
kalau boleh ku undur masa,
tp tulah, macam mereka selalu ckp,
jam tuu jalannya ke depan, bukan kebelakang..

- im sorry if i did interrupt you with my questions...
- learning to accept criticism.
- empati ak tinggi skarang huuuuu
- no matter how big u think u're probs are, there's gotta be at least a way! mintalah pada Dia. you wont regret.
- miraaa! i heart you. know that you wont be reading this :)

nie hasil buat amanda last thursday.
wait for 2 more next week.
jb and pam. i heart u a lot lot lot lot tooo.

nite sydney!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


hari tu, ak berangkat ke suatu tempat.
jauhlah jugak pada pengamatan ak.
sempat jugaklah ak nak bermadah pujangga dlm 'notes ipod' tu.
kalo ade org baca dlm tuu, maluuuu.
bukanlah rahsia pun, cuma apa yg aku rasa..

at one time, we gonna feel lonely.
LOST. and ive been in that situation for quite a while.
i tried to fight the feeling,
i went out with my friends,
talking to ibu,
went out again just to see other people,
calling, twittering, facebooking, whatever social networking,
u name it. i tried everything.
but ended up, feeling even more astray...

and really, those things that i did never succeeded in satisfying me.
mungkin masalah hati. betul.
ak rasa ada masalah hati. ak sendiri xsedar! pergghh susah nya.
how am i supposed to overcome this?

they tell me:
pegilah baca Al-Quran, dengar pun okay!
buatlah solat malam.
pegilah ke majlis ilmu.
kawanlah ngan org baek2 cam ak (okay nie tipuuu)

p/s: nntilah, bile ade masa, ak nak transfer notes curhat monolog ak kat sini. biar satu dunia tauuu ape yg ak rasa! muahhaha

ak selalu ckp ngan kwan ak nie, nak berseorangan boley syg, tp jgn lame2. dgr cite, org yg nak sorg lame2 nie cam kambing yg terkeluar dari kawanannya, lalu dibaham serigala..ishh. kau tak nak kann? ;P

i realise that what ive been writing is not linking to one another. yeahh, that's my problem in academic writing too..bare with me plsssss.