Wednesday, October 13, 2010


never thought that babah will ever found my blog.
tp skarang sudah.
rahsia bocor. hoho
that's okay, gonna give them a warm welcome ;D

hai babah!
hai ibu!
hai abg fahan!
hai li!
hai kin!

len kali xyah bukak dah blog nie okay. hua3 PEACE ^^

Friday, October 8, 2010

bibir 2

IM NOT A FAN OF BIEBER (even when im following him on twitter and the fact that this is my second post bout him lol)

but this is just ridiculous,

so not true!
he looks yuckks...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

layout baru

hi all!

it's me again!
i cant believe that i choose to at last update this thing @.@
it's been months!
lots of thing had happened and changed.
and the latest thing that has changed is my blog's layout. woot woot! ehehe

is there any significances for me to use this layout?


yeahhh, i wanna be a backpacker! pls. desperately wanna be one!
the idea to be one came when i was in melben, alone.
owhh, how much i enjoyed that time.
i could walk and walk and keep on walking all day long without feeling tired.

im also inspired by this blogger

she's real good!

ermm, one more reason is

i met these 2 sisters [london mari] on my flight back to sydney last week.
they are backpackers! tp x busuk
their next destination after oz gonna be msia!
they asked lots of thing about msia and looks very eager :D
how i wish i could join them~

haaaa..jeles nye :(
owhh, as we separated they gave me this :

1 pound! ^^

p/s: kebelakangan nie ak ade byk cita2. harap2 kesampaian >.<