Monday, January 31, 2011

Trilogi Cintaku

hello! im back after a couple of weeks ;D

owhh, since im still home, i sort of being influenced by my mom watching malay & indon dramasssss. *how i hate it...
TONNES OF IT. Currently, im killing my time watching this, TRILOGI CINTA!!!! muahahahha.
It really doesn't sound like me to be watching it but this one is different.
VERY RARE GOOD MALAY DRAMA! kehkehkehekhek, over you!

overall, it has 40 epds and im just so upset that i'll be back soon to sydney without having the chance to watch one and only *maybe*the best drama in the almost-3mths-im home!

benci benci benci (LOL)

and owh, good drama sure comes with great songs too <3

rosyam nor giler baek! perghhh

p/s: owh, cite nie kat tv1. and i was wrong for spreading tv1 is only for the veteran >.<>

Monday, January 17, 2011


im bored, and seriously have nothing to do X(
guess i should know that this will happen.
IMBORED. and im never a good artist.
but that thing that i drew is special for my friend, kecik.
thanks for knowing me quite well ;DDD
you answer that question correctly dear!
and, you are the yellow one. thanks for STARRING my life.
i try my best. i will try to STARRING yours.

p/s: let's watch khurafat, together! :D