Wednesday, October 13, 2010


never thought that babah will ever found my blog.
tp skarang sudah.
rahsia bocor. hoho
that's okay, gonna give them a warm welcome ;D

hai babah!
hai ibu!
hai abg fahan!
hai li!
hai kin!

len kali xyah bukak dah blog nie okay. hua3 PEACE ^^

Friday, October 8, 2010

bibir 2

IM NOT A FAN OF BIEBER (even when im following him on twitter and the fact that this is my second post bout him lol)

but this is just ridiculous,

so not true!
he looks yuckks...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

layout baru

hi all!

it's me again!
i cant believe that i choose to at last update this thing @.@
it's been months!
lots of thing had happened and changed.
and the latest thing that has changed is my blog's layout. woot woot! ehehe

is there any significances for me to use this layout?


yeahhh, i wanna be a backpacker! pls. desperately wanna be one!
the idea to be one came when i was in melben, alone.
owhh, how much i enjoyed that time.
i could walk and walk and keep on walking all day long without feeling tired.

im also inspired by this blogger

she's real good!

ermm, one more reason is

i met these 2 sisters [london mari] on my flight back to sydney last week.
they are backpackers! tp x busuk
their next destination after oz gonna be msia!
they asked lots of thing about msia and looks very eager :D
how i wish i could join them~

haaaa..jeles nye :(
owhh, as we separated they gave me this :

1 pound! ^^

p/s: kebelakangan nie ak ade byk cita2. harap2 kesampaian >.<

Monday, April 26, 2010

BIBIR! BIBIR fever +.+

ade ape dgan bibir bebeh??
what's the connection with my fever?


haha. actually it has nothing to do with my fever!
im having justin bieber (bibir) fever!!


And I was like

Baby, baby, baby ooh~~

woke up early today to see bibir's performance.
which unfortunately
had changed the location from martin place to DEPAN TV- sunrise

and i was like..

*BIBIR!! we HEART you! <3 love with this shall i say cute yet petite-16 yrs-old canadian



1. about 10 people fainted during the crowd. thank God that i wasnt one of them ^^

2.khusyuk nak buat eseimen dgar sume lagu bibir. INSPIRING dowh.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


......and i'll scratch yours!!! eheheheheh

*gambau xde kaitan ngan manusiaMySpace

i know that it's kinda late to say, but i still have to say it~


KIAH: i'll always scratch your back okeh XDDD [idiom tau nehh bukan bbtol] unless u really want to ;P

TIJAH: thanks for your company. REALLY2 appreciate that. i'm ready to scratch your back too ;DDD

RENEE: you've been wonderful!!! THANKS FOR UR SO-CALLED MORAL SUPPORT ehehehe
*sayang ko lebey dari biasa~~~~~

others: tq, sudi ambik berat. len kali datg amek lahh sikit lemak2 ku lagi yeahh~

today's mood:

nak betungkus lumus, namun tidak berjaya lagi -_-"

kecewa, pakwe ku ponteng kelas. penat buat rambut kembau @__@

p/s :

1. friends scratch each others' back, so KIAHH dun mention it..i'll be happy to scratch you again and again and again ^^

2. ok sume orang, saya terhutang garu belakang!! mehh sini (.")

Friday, April 2, 2010

watashi syamizu


new update!! new update!!

currently obsessing myself with japanese stuffs.
argghh. i just cant control my obsession anymore!!

im starting back my interest in watching japanese dramas & movies.
thinking of finishing all the takuya's dramas first...weeeeeeeeeeee XDDD

right on track. trying to end the 8 episodes of mr.brain by tonight before flying to adelaide.
but watching on9 using this beruk makes me gone mad!

tp, atas dasar profesionalisme, i keep on waiting.waiting till it loading..urghh. [see, syamim penyabar org nyer =D]

blame this person~



1- i have no interest in english anymore. iwannalearnjapanese!!! :(

2-aishiteruaishiteruaishiteru. obeseobsesobeseobses

3- owww.. not to mention, i just downloaded a japanese-english dict!! heeee

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

it's the genetic!!

arghhhh!! I can't believe dis, shahir! siyesly!
ak yg nak msuk AF! nape ko plak yg dpt?
suare ak sedap ehhhh..
xpe2, it's the genetic, suare ko pun sedap =P

oppsss salam~~

ermm..who is shahir btw??
pakwe kah?? hahaha tgok lah sini =D

shahir!!! shahir!! can you see me??? * waving hands like a maniac

shahir is actually a new guy, imeanacontestant in af 8.
korg tau x AF?? ke da x ingat dah?? asyik2 tgok BONDI RESCUE jek~ ehehe

buat shahir

1. weh kau! ak x caye ko masuk AF beb. tp ak jauh. cane nak undi?

2.ak rase stress x dpt undi ko MySpace. siyes stress.huhu

3.mak kate undi ko rendah?? aishhhh..xpe2.bru week one.

4. ak nyesal suh mak jgn undi ko..-_-"

5.ko cam kene kutuk jek beb?? rilex2. ko cool kan??


fyi, shahir is my kazen. 22 years old. pkai braces eventhough ad gigi yg cantik already.he used to be my crush. ahakkssszz. xley blah ngan kazen sendirik~~

they said that we look alike.............really??
* xpe, ak maapkan penipu2 tuh sbb ak tau ak cun bukan macho hehehe

but, it's been a long time i havent talked to him. i think quite a few years after masuk mrsm. ohhh.alasan x munasabah! haha tp btol. this is a true story.

we were so close before.

bagai abg dan adek.
pakwe dan makwe.
lidah dan gigi.
kekeringan kulit dan aussie +.+

mrsm ku dan asrama mu had set us apart.

nvm. after 2 years we'll be just like the old us, hopefully.
*ye lahh, kalo da glemer kene layan fans, ko tanak ak sabotaj ko kan?? hua3

akhir kate..

gud luck shahir



1.rindu lah donat mak ko buat.
here, i only eat krispykreme..* ak xbelagak okeh. krispykreme manis glerr

Sunday, February 28, 2010



stay with me.
just stay with me.

i need you guys especially.
stay with me.calm me down.
stay with me. thats all im asking.
coz im still the old me. the fragile me.
the 'cengeng' me.
i cant stop it..
its gotten worse everyday..
i wish i am a strong person, just like wat u think.
i wish.
hope for it to come true.
kawan2ku sayang =D

p/s: miss the good old days

Sunday, February 21, 2010



ak kan...kann..
dari tadi ngantokkk..

tp..smpai skang x tdo lagi..

i just had no idea wats happening around me.
i dont think im here.
i cant believe tomorrow is my first lect.
and i dont even have a note book!!

haaa..looks like 3 months of holiday is still not enough for me =(
haha. i once said that i miss to study like i used to, and now, i regret it..
im taking back my words..

syamim..tdolahhhh...nak kul 1 dah nie..haisshhh

p/s: ibu pesan..b4 tdo, maafkan sume org dan harap sume org maafkan kita...just think positive for tomorrow, at least... =D

Friday, February 19, 2010


hari ke 10 di sydney

strange.but it happened.ampun2..
i didnt have any intentions..
i tried my best..
maybe naseb badan..

everything happens for reasons.
be good syamim.
be good.

diri ini masih mencari hikmah dsebalik yg blaku.
mereka kata lupakan saja..
hopefully, bile bgn tido akan rase semalam seperti mimpi.
hanye mimpi ngeri yg mengada ngada =P

p/s: nyah ko..nyah!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

tak mahu lahhh..

salam again..

this is the second post in the same day..

ak xkire, ak nak jugak!!

org kate..kalo kite nak berazam kite kene sebar2kan..
supaya org sekeliling kita boleh sentiasa tolong ingatkan..
jadi ingatkan ak =)

ingtkan ak spaya
-- ak lupakan itu
-- ak xmahu ingat itu
-- ak xmahu fikir itu
-- ak xmahu tahu itu
-- ak xmahu dengar itu apatah lagi melihat itu
-- ak mahu cari yg lain..ahakkk =DDD
-- ak xmahu.xmahu.xmahu

faham x????

otak..tolonglah bsedia ngan kelas yg start next week.
badan..tolonglah jadi lebey kuat dan sihat
akal..tolonglah waras
anggota dan keseluruhan..tolonglah btindak mengikut akal yg waras

be glad if everything just run smoothly.



adakah anda tahu maksud pkataan tsebut??
rase nyer sume mungkin tahu apabila britney spears telah diwar2kan mempunyai masalah itu..

hi britney~
looks like we have the same problem!!

bagi yg xtahu, claustrofobia is a problem faced by certain people where they fear to shut and closed place. and this is what i've been facing here [in my new room].

it's been a while i've been sleeping with

the lights on [both room and toilet]..
open window..
open HOLLAND blind..and flyscreen??
kalo boleh nak bukak pintu -_-"

and im freezing to death in the morningMySpace

tolonglah..rase nak tido secara normal macam kat rumah where everywhere is a dark place.

haishhh.and one more thing, i dont think that my biological clock is working like usual..i think it sicks!


1- fakta britney itu adalah karutan
2- akan mengambil samsung jet pada hari ini--> weh, ak xtiru ko tau~
3-mohon mudahkanlah perjalanan ku di bumi org..jaga hati ku Ya Allah..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

drama ^~^


ini adalah satu adegan drama bersiri syamim & ibu sebelum ke sydney

satu malam.sebelum tdo. syamim btanya pada ibu...

bu, bu nangis x nnt time nak anta syamim??

ibu pun jawab,

xlah.bu mestilah x nangis. bu xnak nangis pun.

syamim kate, len sume nak buat drama, ibu tanak ke?? heheMySpace

sambil megusap2 ubun2 anak perempuan itu..[lalu kepala si anak tlentok dibahu ibu..eheh,drama betol!}

ibu pun balas,

kalo ibu nangis, mim mesti nangis lagi teruk.... lagi pun ibu kenelah kuat, kalo ibu x kuat, macam mane mim nak kuat =)

aiyaakkk..tanpa ragu2...
mate terus bgenang, meleleh, mengalir lalu tesembur.MySpace

sungguh xsangke ibu ckp cemtu..huwaaaa

p/s: takut menantikan hari itu. Ya Allah, kuatkan hatiku =DMySpace

Friday, January 29, 2010

last but not least


hati manusia berubah2. semalam ak gembira xbermakna hari ini ak masih gembira. semalam ak tak suke hari ini ak dah suka..

macamnilah manusia, sentiasa berubah.berubah setiap saat, setiap detik. kta tidak akan boleh ramal perasaan kita sendiri.

kalau 3 minggu lepas, ak rasa ak sudah cukup kuat utk bdepan tanpa sebarg sangsi, hari ini tidak lagi..ak hanyalah insan biasa yg menggunakan logik.

[ attention: above is not me, can u guess who? ]

im here just to talk about how great was yesterday! yay! yay!

i started off the day waking up very late and babah was like very mad in the early morning *coz i was supposed to follow him to the office. [does this sound great??]

haha. i know that it was kinda late for me to make a new birth certificate, but i just HAD to! 7days of working days are needed before i can get the new one. i wonder if i just start doing it next week, im pretty sure i wont make it through. but, since the officer was really2 nice - and handsome too- he said, yeahh, we can help to cut it short to 3 days. just great..

then, me and my man [i mean my lil bro eheh] head off to putrajaya sentral and took a bus to ktm is not just a is RAPID!!! i long for rapid..miss penang somehow =(

i reached mid and cant wait to watch just about every movies!!! giler ape. haha. considering between sherlock holmes and toothfairy, my man at last decided to watch toothfairy after watching the trailer.

i was shivering in the cinema for almost two hours [11.30am-1.30pm] but it's all worthy..really2 funny!! yeahh the rock menguasai dunia pari2 gigi..he was good plus he has great looking teeth too!! MySpace oyeahhh!!

terlampau pnjg pjalanan nak d cerite. cukuplah when we decided to call it a day after mentekedarah [ eje cemnie ke??] di bagan lalang eating seafood and my favourite sotong goreng tepung!!!..hohohohohoho 10 pm bru smpai rumah with gorgeous looking sleepy eyes..

p/s: gorgeous2 ♥♥♥
adek lelaki, thanks for spending some time for me eventhough i know you're bz * ker?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"truth is like the sun. you can shut it out for a time, but it aint going away"

-elvis presley

Monday, January 25, 2010

mainan tido


malam tu..ak mimpi sumthing..
sumthing which i never ever thought of..
it was sooo strange and i can remember every details of it..
tp, susah nak cite..huhu
ape2 lahh...juz wanna say it was a sweet dream haha and a beautiful nitemare XPXPXP

i had 2 days in a row of different sweet dream [susah wooo nak dpt bturut2..=D]

p/s: ak basuh kaki tau sblum tido =P

Wednesday, January 20, 2010



*post ini bakal menggetarkan jiwe2 lelaki

abg comelllll~~ hahaahha

Fuhhh.first skali kene btolkan statement tsbut sbb sbnrnyer ko xcomel dan ak sdg mare [*sile sebut dgan tepat, 2harkat pade ‘re’ ,‘re’ seperti sbutan ‘rembulan’ bukan ‘remeh’.] pade ko. Bengkek nyer daku padamu sjak dari malam semalamm bile ko putuskan ak..


Sbnar nyerr..ak nak tanye, cemnie ke how a guy should behave?? Nooo! Ye laaa, selame nie ak tgok tv ade lelaki yg obsess dgan kereta sampai sggup tinggalkan isteri, abaikan isteri dan macam2 lagilahh.. it was hard for me to believe it at first, but you really open my eyes..thanks a lot. The reality really kicks in. Your obsession towards your guitar makes me ill..hehehe cam over plak XP..eventhough it wasn’t me who accidentally pull off one of the strings yesterday, you shouldn’t have gone mad like dat.. for heaven’s sake, it is just a guitar.. It’s not even breathing dude. And, it is only A STRING…*sighhhh..MySpace

One more thing.. haha..ak geramlah..adeihhh, tgok headphone ko tuhhh..nape ko asyik bkepit jek ngan mende alah tuhh?? aiyooo.. I just dunno how can mum think of marrying you to a girl when you already married those things..eheheheheh MySpacecongratz!

So, kepada yg terasa mempunyai obsession thadap benda2 bukan hidup spt kalkulator atau pencuci muke, sile kurgkan obsesi anda..ahakzz..jgan sbb itu, kita bgaduhh..okeh!*pesanan kpada dri sendiri jugaàtolong ingatkan ak =)))

Boleh je kalau kita nak syag sesuatu benda tu, tapi jgnlah [kalo bolehh] elakkan blebihann..curahkan kasih sayang kita kepada benda bnafas sbelum tlewat,xkisahlah pada manusia atau haiwan yg halal..

Ps: tanak gaduh ngan ko daaa..ak tau ko baek sbnrnyer =DDD..terima kaseh utk aiskrim.MySpace

Monday, January 11, 2010

heyhey youyou



i spent great days with aliah recently.
wahahaha..hahahah.hhahahahah.hahahhah. =DDD
erkk?? mesti annoyed gler asyik ketawe jek tp cite x de..

okeh2. so, it here's the story

well, i wasnt thinking of joining any programs --bcoz i bajet bz nak prepare brg2-- but since aliah had asked me, i think it would be great to join . nak pegi ari jumaat, ari khamis baru daftar =P

ternyata.ternyata segala2 nya berbaloibaloi!!
it was fun!! great!! i think most of the questions were answered.

hey, we met KAK FARIENA who just got back from MACQ..she's a saviour~~
haha.bukan ape, dye sgt snggup melayan soalan2 kami yg bgtu senget dan unexpected dan begitu mencabar smpai tgh2 malam bute selama 2 hari! hohoho..thanks kak fa =) tp, kak fa bgitu well-prepared. contohnye :

dye bwak soket nie..
ak bgitu teruja nak tgok soket oz~ toing2
haha.adapter tuh boley beli kat mydin!

haaahhh..bgitu seronok disane. mereka tunjuk video2 di oz, tmpt2 yg best and the most important thing is how to survive as a muslim over there.

they gave as many info as they can to give a clearer picture of oz to us.

there were just toooooooooooo many infos and stories.. smpai xtau nak tulis yg mane dulu..
tp xpe, i heard cikgu al nak buat notes kat, no worries =PP

anything to me =) ehehehe will be glad to help

1. aaaahh..memori indah *peace~~
2. juz got back home, i was surprised to know sumthing..and it kills me. hey2 you2, mane boley bias2 bagi markah tau..penat i tolong u, u x appreciate pun = (

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


dear readers,
oohh assalamuaikum..

regarding the previous post,
which i've deleted
im seeking for one of my friends forgiveness.
sorry dear,
i really dun mean wat i said.

so sorry =(
we'll be great =DD

p/s: whoever had read the previous post, let's just forget about it. i dun want any issues to be raised up. can u keep a secret?? please cooperate =)