Monday, April 26, 2010

BIBIR! BIBIR fever +.+

ade ape dgan bibir bebeh??
what's the connection with my fever?


haha. actually it has nothing to do with my fever!
im having justin bieber (bibir) fever!!


And I was like

Baby, baby, baby ooh~~

woke up early today to see bibir's performance.
which unfortunately
had changed the location from martin place to DEPAN TV- sunrise

and i was like..

*BIBIR!! we HEART you! <3 love with this shall i say cute yet petite-16 yrs-old canadian



1. about 10 people fainted during the crowd. thank God that i wasnt one of them ^^

2.khusyuk nak buat eseimen dgar sume lagu bibir. INSPIRING dowh.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


......and i'll scratch yours!!! eheheheheh

*gambau xde kaitan ngan manusiaMySpace

i know that it's kinda late to say, but i still have to say it~


KIAH: i'll always scratch your back okeh XDDD [idiom tau nehh bukan bbtol] unless u really want to ;P

TIJAH: thanks for your company. REALLY2 appreciate that. i'm ready to scratch your back too ;DDD

RENEE: you've been wonderful!!! THANKS FOR UR SO-CALLED MORAL SUPPORT ehehehe
*sayang ko lebey dari biasa~~~~~

others: tq, sudi ambik berat. len kali datg amek lahh sikit lemak2 ku lagi yeahh~

today's mood:

nak betungkus lumus, namun tidak berjaya lagi -_-"

kecewa, pakwe ku ponteng kelas. penat buat rambut kembau @__@

p/s :

1. friends scratch each others' back, so KIAHH dun mention it..i'll be happy to scratch you again and again and again ^^

2. ok sume orang, saya terhutang garu belakang!! mehh sini (.")

Friday, April 2, 2010

watashi syamizu


new update!! new update!!

currently obsessing myself with japanese stuffs.
argghh. i just cant control my obsession anymore!!

im starting back my interest in watching japanese dramas & movies.
thinking of finishing all the takuya's dramas first...weeeeeeeeeeee XDDD

right on track. trying to end the 8 episodes of mr.brain by tonight before flying to adelaide.
but watching on9 using this beruk makes me gone mad!

tp, atas dasar profesionalisme, i keep on waiting.waiting till it loading..urghh. [see, syamim penyabar org nyer =D]

blame this person~



1- i have no interest in english anymore. iwannalearnjapanese!!! :(

2-aishiteruaishiteruaishiteru. obeseobsesobeseobses

3- owww.. not to mention, i just downloaded a japanese-english dict!! heeee