Thursday, August 25, 2011


sbb tahun nie tak balek raya, lagi sekali...

maka, terimalah~~~ hihi

thank you cst for making a great vid!

i made this one a couple of mths ago..walau buruk, but i really mean it :)

im longing for her laugh,
missing her presence,
been away from ibu,
makes me feel unpleasant..

time flies by,
and i grow older,
should be getting mature,
but the childish of me becoming stronger.

i dont know what to do,
what am i supposed to be?,
every now and then,
im pretty sure i will always need you..

never good in handling problems,
feeling ashamed to let you know more,
help me ibu, i cant face it no more,
and thanks for listening ibu~~

LOL lots of love weeeee :)))))

P/s: learn to appreciate everyone~~

nmpak tetibe cam rajin update, xde keje.. the truth is, i will be deleting this blog. because everytime i see it, it reminds me of my zaman emo -_-" sungguh, ak x munasabah!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

tarik tali

*tajuk certainly has nothing to do with the entry. pardon for my 'lack of idea' ~.~


for everything. every single thing!
everyday has been great! great, people!
thanks to Allah~

Babah had safely discharged, yesterday! Alhamdulillah, wooohoo!!
thanks for all the du'a, friends :) very appreciate it.
Thanks for the solat hajat last time cohort :D
Only Him can pay ur deeds :DDD

p/s: babah. jagalah kesihatan ye :) again, mim doakan utk babah, ibu, abg fahan, dekli, ikin, sume2 lahh.

-seronok dapat ckp ngan babah! hihi

- pertama kali ade kawan yg bagi baju raya. gua terharu T.T thank youuuu <3

- setiap insan yg hadir dlam hidup kita nie, lame ke kejap ke, baek ke jahat ke, adalah hadiah dari Allah..i will make sure to treasure all the moments with everyone, each one of you. Indahnya ukhuwah, ruginya ak baru nak kenal. tp xpelah :) ukhuwah fillah abadan abada ;D

PEACE to everyone ^.^

Friday, August 19, 2011



dah smpai pun 10 terakhir Ramadhan :)
im so excited!
what are we waiting for??
grab all the chances!
and yes. Alhamdulillah again.
babah is getting better.
eventhough it's still gonna take a week, maybe, before babah is discharged.
im happy that you're actually feeling better. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah.
babah. dari jauh, syamim doakan yg terbaik utk babah :D
semoga diberi kesembuhan. semoga bertambah sihat. semoga selamat semuanya.
semoga cepat sembuh.

terima kasih Ya Allah.

p/s: for those who read this, do me a favour pls, doa kan ye! insyaAllah everything is gonna be alright :)

if you see me frowning, tegur and ask me to smile..tak mahu lagi berendam air mata :)

nite sydney.