Friday, March 30, 2012


i just come back from that particular event at USM. it was my first time to join that kind of event but it wasnt my first time going to USM. and now, i could totally relate this hadith:

*senyum lebarrrrrrr yg baerbaur tidak ikhlas* yes, i could totally relate.

p/s: if you really don't wanna be sieved, adapt!!

2 oral reflections to kakak riang need to be settled.


there's no way i get to say this in a better words. so, i C&P :)


being okay with things as they are...

We strive to improve our lives, often because we are dissatisfied with how things are. I know this, because I’ve lived it.

I don’t like the way I look, so I try to improve myself. I don’t like my house, so I work to get a better one. I want everyone around me to improve too, so I push them to change, and get frustrated when they won’t.

This striving never ends. When we are unsatisfied with how things are, including ourselves, we make changes, but then what? We are still unsatisfied, because the root cause of this problem isn’t the things around us (or how we look, etc.), but our expectations. We expect things to be different.

This means we are always unhappy in some way. Things don’t meet our expectations. We try to correct this problem by changing the world around us, trying to get others to change, trying to change ourselves. Our compulsion to spend, to consume, to buy more stuff … it’s rooted in this as well. And so minimalism is an attempt to fix the compulsion, but that can really only be done once we address the root problem: our expectations.

Sit for a minute and look at the things around you. Are you happy with them, or would you like things to change? Think about what you do each day, and ask if you’re happy with your daily life, or if you’d like change. Think about the people in your life, and ask if you’re happy with them, or if you’d like them to change. Think about yourself, and see if there are things you’re dissatisfied with, if you’d like to change yourself.

Now, for each thing you think needs change, try sitting for a minute and see if you can simply accept each one, as they are right now. See if you can accept each person in your life for who they are, exactly as they are. See if you can accept your body for what it is, without the need for change. It takes practice, so if you aren’t good at it at first (and I’m still not a master at it myself), practice. It’s an enlightening process, to be sure.

This doesn’t mean we’ll never change anything. We can develop healthy habits and make our bodies healthier over time, but we can do that while also being happy with who we already are. Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t necessarily require that we not accept things as they are, that we not be happy with things as they already are.

Once we become happy with things, people, and ourselves … as they are … we can become whole, without the need to spend money to fill a hole in our lives. Then minimalism becomes a possibility, because once we are OK with things as they are, we can simply strip away the unnecessary, and be content with little.

credit: akh ammar, mnmlist

Friday, March 23, 2012


In the name of Allah.

ada benda berbolak tak balik,
ada pula yang turun tak naik-naik,
ada yang sampai putus dan tercarik,
tiba masanya bermula balek.


p/s: think syamim. think! indecisive sungguh anda nie. huhh

Thursday, March 22, 2012

mind rant


i heard the spm result was a bombastic one. WOW!

the press even state that the number of straight A's result are increasing year by year. (despite the fact that our education system is have having some problems and keep on changing back and forth).

im just wondering, does it mean that people are all getting smarter or


i met this at the easter show. cuteeee!


whatever your result might be, be grateful that it's not the end of the world. keep on trying, work hard, strive for it. and just remember, genggamlah dunia ditangan, akhirat dihati. Make the dunya a farm that you can harvest in the Hereafter :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012



ive been reading this article about love and space.

"You have a chance to create space that will impress yo

ur friends and family. You can create a space that requires lots of cleaning and up keep or a space that people are afraid to move in, or you can create space to…

dance, laugh, picnic, love, cuddle breathe, stretch, think,feel, be.. "

2 different people could have been given the exact same kind of room, but they could never create the same atmosphere. they could have decorated it the same, but the feeling of going into each room is not gonna the same. just like looking at twins. they may be the same, but they're different.

in the end of the day, we choose what to show to the people, for them to feel.

botanical garden auckland

p/s: how do we portray ourselves? #random

how do we celebrate differences? #sorandom

Monday, March 19, 2012



last week when it was the school holiday, ibu said that i didnt look good the whole week. i was sad that i wasnt able to show ibu that i was enjoying the holiday. i did enjoy it but somehow, the external pressure was so overwhelming that it had made me frowning without me realising it :(

as we grow up, we tend to focus on the big things, often we forget about all those little things that make us happy. [kredit: arif]

on the very last day, i do some 'gardening'. and to my surprise, i was really really enjoying it. and i remembered how much i love to play with soil when i was little. doing some hiking, exploring the 'jungle' back at opah's place, climbing pokok rambutan, and just drawing on the sand by the sea..those things that make me happy... hardly got that chance to do such things anymore.

now, im back in maktab..and glad knowing that im not all alone feeling so stress out huhu. got partner in crime balek kl selalu ;) and we were talking about this last nite and the only solution left is to just find at least ONE even SMALL thing that we love about this place and cherish it :D

hopefully, im back on track.

semoga Allah membantu perjalanan kami :)

p/s: i tried. and i will try harder. and i just have to try, it's not like i have a choice.

Friday, March 16, 2012


apakah sama hasilnya bila satu pekerjaan itu dilakukan atas dasar cinta atau tidak rela dan terpaksa?

astagfirullah :(

Ya Allah, jgn kau palingkan hati kami setelah kau memberi petunjuk kepada kami.



this happened kat Baitul Warith last time,

"....macam basuh pinggan, lepas makan kalau kita tolong basuh pinggan org laen, kita dapat pahala, tp kalau kita rasa tak nak tolong, org tu pun boleh basuh sendiri, kita xdapat apa2, dosa tak, pahala pun tak."

(errrr..terus jadi rajin basuh pinggan after tu :P)

tp, kita nak pahala ke tak nak apa2 eh?

sungguh Allah tak pernah menilai sesuatu perbuatan itu terlalu kecil.

"Maka sesiapa berbuat kebajikan seberat zarah, nescaya akan dilihatnya (dalam surat amalnya)!" (100:8)

teringat jugak anwar hadi ckp "no one is too small or too insignificant to make a change"

see, everyone plays a role. a different one and the differences complete US.
which means, i dont have to be you so that i could work. it just does not work that way. let people do their things the way they are more breathable with as long as ________. but i must agree 'benda baek harus dipaksa'.
may the smallest deed helps us in the weighting in the Hereafter.

remember! youre someone! not just anyone!


back when it was autumn 2010 :)

p/s: this post is supposed about double U.

tak link! whatever. :P

Thursday, March 8, 2012



p/s: a good teacher takes time to reflect.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Garu Kepala


i woke up tiredly this morning (Friday- 2/3/12). yesterday was so hectic. for a second, i thought that ive lost my mind. trying to cope with everything and anything that just popped-out surprisingly. for a second again, i thought, nevermind :)

today i found out so many things that made me scratched the back of my head.
started with the cohort meeting with the new coordinator in the morning and....up till now.just so many things. i cant seem to figure myself of which one to write first. *long pause*


i see the world, our life as one big puzzle. everything, by right will come together, fit in every corner perfectly. it could be good or bad, still the pieces will attach and make up one big puzzle - my life.

yet, during the class just now, some said that life is not like a puzzle. because everything will not eventually fall into place. things are not always going to be the way we wanted, the way we planned..too many things could happen in the middle. we just dont know. we cant predict the future.

somehow, it could be right, it could be wrong. depends on how you see life. as for me, it's still a lot like a puzzle. by time, as we're trying to put in the pieces, we lost some of the pieces. we lost some of the memories. we lost it. by choice or not, we're losing it. #kbye #random

*scratching the back of my head* - idk what to think anymore.

my fav spot at the uni.
teringin nak baring, tp ramai sgt yg lalu lalang huuu

i had my super excited circle just now. to my concern, im not sure what to expect since it's my first time. and yeah, to assume only good thing was the choice that i made before i knock the door.

and it paid off!

refreshing. let me share something interesting *super xcited*

if you check the last word in Surah At-takathur- NAIM.

"kemudian kamu akan benar2 ditanya pada hari itu ttg KENIKMATAN (yg megah didunia itu)" (102:8)

im not sure what's the root word for it, but it sort of has the same meaning as nikmat.
but, to be exact, the word NAIM means

1- u urself ARE nikmat
2-u are GIVEN nikmat
3-u are CONSTANTLY IN the nikmat

see, look at it. hadamkan T____T

berapa byk lagi nikmat yg nak di dustakan? even the biggest problem we have is the BIGGESSSST blessing in disguise.

*again, i scratched the back of my head*- am i going to keep on whining??? arrgghh

and then, right after my super excited circle, i made a mistake! a terrible one to my friend. im just so sorry. my bad, my bad, my bad :(

*scratched the back of my head, again*- lately, i disappoint others a lot. make them mad more than usual. im sorry. ak pun xtau nak jadi ape nie :(((

that's it for now. too many of it that i cant think im able to put it into words anymore.


up and down and up again but now at the bottom, almost touching the base.

adek, study betul2. balance both study and DnT. both are just as important, okay :)

people, choose only to love. but dont give hope. errrrr

jeles tgk inche gabbana dgn kamal effendi tuu #kbye