Monday, August 13, 2012


tonite's post is dedicated to my rumet :)

dear rumet, it's always a pleasure to see you doing so well in ur prac. i dont know whether you even realise it or not, but you seem to enjoy doing all these prac stuffs more than you think, perhaps. you're singing at 1 am while doing the lesson plan, isnt it a good sign, rite?

i remember before we started the prac, we promised to be strong and keep calm through the prac. and yeah! we did it. it has just been a month of prac but i think we went through a lot of things, kan..

but, this Ramadhan, my double pleasure to see you is when i woke up in the middle of night just to see you were praying, im not sure, guess it gotta be tahajud. then, to see you did dhuha prayer, lots of quran recitation, it really touched me.

just wanna say, im proud of you. and i pray to Allah, to keep you in company and make you a strong girl and to keep istiqamah in whatever good things you're doing.

p/s: cicak cicak cicak :P

owh esok sekolah, skolah, nite2 penang.

malam Ramadhan 24..

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