Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School mode: off

i know that ive been bragging about how calm i was for the prac two weeks ago. but things do not seem to fall into places today. everything seems so wrong! i never had this kind of heavy feelings about going to school...until today. i was really really hard on myself. i woke up early but i decided to not just really wake up until it was quite late. i prepared the lesson half heartedly and im really in the mood of raya still. i miss home. after 2 years been away for raya, this is supposed to be the time. i need a longer hols. kbye. whining. the main thing is, the class was a disaster just now. i need to start up my engine fast. tmrw and the next day got observation.

Ya Allah, keep me calm and cool and stay positive and kind and nice and not a hypocrite and a lover.
Ya Allah, pls help me and my friends esp the one who texted me just now for she is having the same problem as mine. Keep the students and us cool :D

because im a teacher the painter, the students are my canvas. once painted, no matter how hard you try to clean it, there are still gonna leave some stains on it. be good syamim. gambatte!

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